Sunday, July 16, will be a very special day at Round Mountain Baptist Church. It has been designated Ellen Vaughn Appreciation Day. This is a day that is well over due. If anyone has ever earned special recognition for making her life count for the Lord and for her church, it is Ellen. We have many faithful workers in Round Mountain Baptist Church, but no one has given more time and spent more energy in serving this church than this lady. I've never known her to seek any kind of special recognition, but that is even more reason that it should be shown.

It was more than twenty years ago that Ellen and her husband Ralph joined the church here. They both went to work immediately. Ralph did things that no one else seemed interested in doing. Things like building guard rails on the steps to the baptistery, or building a secure cabinet for the public address system. Ellen has always just done whatever needed to be done. Unfortunately, we lost Ralph several years ago. It was a hard time for her, of course, but it just seemed to intensify her commitment toward working for the Lord and her church.

For many years Ellen has done a fine job leading the music. She has also served as treasurer, and guards the funds of the church something like the federal government guards Fort Knox. If you don't know what Fort Knox is, it is where the government keeps its stash of gold. I would be remiss if I did not mention that she has been immensely loyal to the pastor, and that is something I do not take for granted. I hope that all of our people will help to make this a very special day.

Sincerely, your pastor
Jarvis Philpot

Sermon subject for Sunday morning, June 25, 2017:

                "God's Grace is Sufficient"

                      II Corinthians 12:9









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