As I think of the horrible grief and suffering of the people in the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, I am reminded that evil is present everywhere. That same thing could happen in any church in America, including our own. I am sure there were people in that church who felt that such a thing happening there was a remote possibility. As I come into our church on Sunday morning I feel such a bond of love and warmth of spirit, that I don't even give a thought of that happening here. I feel secure, not because we are armed against such violence, but because of who our people are. I am sure the people in Sutherland Springs felt the same way.

So, while I am forced to acknowledge the possibility, I will not accept the probability. I have reasons to feel secure. First of all, God is with us. Wasn't He with the people there? Yes, but there was one person who took matters into his own hands. I think that the probability of that person showing up at our church is quite remote.

Nevertheless, our Steering Committee has begun working on a plan of safety for our church in the event that it should happen here. Pray for them. We want to be safe, but we don't want the devil to control us.

Sincerely, your pastor
Jarvis Philpot

Sermon subject for Sunday morning, November 12:  

                     "The Hiding Place"

                          Isaiah 32::2 





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