Congratulations to Adam and all of those who worked with him.  What a wonderful job in building the playscape!  Everything was done according to script and it was completed in the time prescribed.  What else could you ask for?

I don't know who all was involved by name and so I'll refrain from naming names but I will say that the church is certainly grateful for the time and work involved.  And I'll say again, as I've said before, whatever you ask Adam to do is going to get done.

It needs to be understood that the playscape is a church project.  Others may be guests and may enjoy using the playscape, but they need to understand that in the event of injury or any other mishap that the church is not liable.  I don't intend to emphasize the negative but there needs to be an understanding.  What the church really intends is for the playscape to be an asset to both the church and community and for all to be able to enjoy.

I'm sure there will be a dedication ceremony some time in the near future. Thanks again to Adam and all those involved in seeing this project to completion.

Sincere, your pastor

Jarvis Philpot

Sermon subject for Sunday morning, September 17, 2017:

"From Sinking Sands He Lifted Me"

      Psalm 40:1-3




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