Chris Meadows is preaching for us today. Mike Tomlinson will be preaching for us on August 27. God has called these men into the gospel ministry right here in our own church, and I believe it is our responsibility to help them have opportunities to preach. Not only that, but they are both capable of bringing a message that will bless and challenge us. Yes, I admit that I am reluctant to give up my pulpit at any time, and should be, but I also know that it is my responsibility to cultivate and encourage our new preachers.

When I surrendered to preach, in less than a month my pastor sent me to preach a two week revival in a country church in North Texas.  On one hand it scared the daylights out of me, but on the other hand I was thrilled to death to get to preach every night and to tell folks how to be saved, and how the Bible tells us how to live after we are saved. As I remember, twenty something folks were saved, but that was not the only fruits of that revival.

I was told that the pastor of that church and a former pastor of the church who still lived in the community, because of some trivial issue, had not spoken to each other in ten years. On the closing Sunday of that revival I saw those two preachers embrace one another in tears, in love, and in forgiveness, Let's feed the hearts of our preachers, and pray for them regularly, and especially when they preach.

Sincerely, your pastor
Jarvis Philpot

Message........................................Chris Meadows


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