When it was first suggested that on-line contributions might be a good thing for our church, I will admit to being a bit skeptical. I had written a check for my tithe for so long, I just didn't think there could be a better way. However, I thought it would be only fair to give it a chance. Now, after several weeks of making my contributions on-line, I have found that this really is a better way. When the week-end rolls around I don't have to even think about it. The computer takes care of everything.

It may not work for everybody, but I'm guessing that it would  be a good thing for a lot of folks.. When you have pre-detrmined what the amount is going to be on a regular weekly or monthly  basis, you just set it up one time and that takes care of it. Of course it can be changed if need be. Setting it up is not that difficult, although I did get my daughter to do it for me. I have not asked either of them , but I think I can safely suggest two people to help you if you would like to go this route. One is my daughter, Sharon Thomason, and the other is Mike Tomlinson. I think either would be glad to help you do this.

This method of giving just makes sense for the person who wants to have a systematic plan for the support of their church. I would suggest that you pray about it, and if the Lords leads, give it a try. In any case, I believe God will bless the person who supports their church financially, however they may do so.

Sincerely, your pastor
Jarvis Philpot

Sermon subject for Sunday morning, October 14, 2017:

           "God's Cure For The World's Worst Disease"

                                 II Kings



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